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        – format characteristics and operating character on Oteri J Oteri J (OUTLETS), full of. In Shenzhen are too concentrated in the retail formats, its attitude and low price department stores, franchise stores dislocation. For consumers, the price lever

— Discussion of Oteri J’s personality characteristics and business format, full of Oteri J (OUTLETS). In Shenzhen are too concentrated in the retail formats,luxurylikestore.com, its attitude and low price department stores, franchise stores dislocation. For consumers, price leverage has been tested. Moreover, it can meet customer’s brand consumer psychology and easy consumer demand. The department stores, supermarkets,dealsforwatch.com, shopping center, parallel emerging formats, whether it can participate in the battle of the crowded, and divided into four retail world? In addition, the retail industry in Shenzhen’s old rival, Oteri J is also in the format, as in the past to strong and even strong price advantage, the marketing ability of consumers in Shenzhen? The retail business blue ocean, a rush on like a swarm of hornets development boom, whether it is real or illusion? This paper from the Southern Metropolis Daily reporter Tan Xiying, Zhan Qiyue interviewing and writing, published in the May 2011 26, original title: outlets and let a season a dignified posture.


Wang Xianqing: Chinese Oteri J in the incubation period – Wang Xianqing? Fashion watch brand, 1 ultra 80 international brands, all year long 3-7 discount


over season products also have a dignified attitude, the service is not discounted


a Sunday. From the port of departure to Disney’s transit bus. In addition to children and parents happy, is a lot more with a suitcase, shopping cart and. Their destination is only one – in Tung Chung Citygate nagura shop. This targeted as target computer intelligent control, as an arrow straight! This is because, although the department store industry booming, want to buy a new trend, with Tsim Sha Tsui, Causeway Bay,Sexy Lingerie Jacobs Skirt, central choice everywhere,www.love4usale.com, but typical format outlets no second home. nightgowns

car place is a building door. Compared to urban areas, a lot of quiet. Feeling and Vientiane City shoppingmall is very similar, different decoration is a lot simpler, the lights were not so extravagant, a subsidiary of minimalist style diffuse in them. In fact, the brand setting is not simple. AlfredDunhill, ArmaniExchangeOutlet, Burberry, Max& Co., PoloRalphLauren, Coach, the world’s top brands and its cards in them. Reporters from Nandu on its website that Citygate nagura >

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