No. 11 Liu Tingting out of the If You Are The One If You Are The One four Jinhua audience

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "do not sincere non-interference" has never lacked focus girl ", from the program’s early Yang Wenjun, horse led, to the last year of LAN Xianli, Yu Xia, again in the future thus, Jiang Yu, to now,, and their outstanding beauty,
Replica watches, or intellectual temperament or words< p > "do not sincere non-interference" never lack of "focus girl", from program’s early Yang Wenjun, Ma led to last year’s LAN Xianli, Yu Xia, again in the future thus, Jiang Yu, to now,, and their outstanding beauty, or intellectual temperament, or sharp words, each of the women guests are full of personality and become representatives of each stage of "non honest do not harass". "Non honest do not harass" in the near future, the number of female guests into the line of sight of the audience, audience also appeared a blowout phenomenon,, temperament to 9, 10, lovely Barbie Zhang Lei, 11 intellectual Leng Yan Liu Tingting, 12 music talented foreign, are not only large in number and 4 female guests field, become "non honest do not harass" most popular "four flower flower".

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< p > if you 11 Liu Tingting not sincere non-interference "the outbreak of the four golden flowers audience blowout, to No. 9 is music, although there were many excellent conditions for the pursuit of life, but she still choose to" do not sincere non-interference "to find the ideal partner. "At the beginning, I felt attend" the sincere not faze "is a great life experience, later on the stage and met so many good men and women guests, and their communication I of love have deeper insights, also more clearly know what kind of men for me." Talking about their favorite type of guy,
luxury swiss watches, to somewhat shyly said himself quite picky, is summed up in the hope of finding a job is rigorous, failing to calm, humor and interesting knowledge. Baby Doll Sexy Lingerie Plus Size

went to Xu Xiuqin, a No. 10 Zhang Lei. Many viewers think the two girls have similarities on the field are lovely line. In this regard, Zhang Lei noncommittal, she felt in addition to nerve and thus have similar, but still can not reach the realm of Xu Xiuqin. "Her Mandarin is not good often cause some ambiguity, particularly lovely, really adorable. I have a lot of time because of tension become serious, talk stupid silly, should not be too lovely." Talking about their favorite type of guy, Zhang Lei shyly said best looks bad, but heart to be very good, next to Gu, sunny personality, manly. "I don’t love boys, so too have a sense of distance. The most important thing is to be able to control me, sometimes I too wayward, hope to have personal possession of me." Baby Doll Sexy Lingerie Plus Size

< p > our 11 Liu Tingting in the stage of "non honest do not harass" there is no lack of quality older female youth and Liu Tingting is absolutely outstanding. She is beautiful and generous, mature intellectual, has a good family background,, and rely on their own hard work to work, to make the general conditions at the boys "

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