Diamond Earrings – Do They Really Last Forever

We’ve all heard the phrase, listened to the Bond song and made the jokes about true love not lasting forever. But diamonds do? The question we are asking now is do diamonds really last forever? It can be safely assumed that they last a long time,www.bestgreatsale.com, as anyone who has had any diamond earrings bought for them, but will they live on and on after we shuffle off this mortal coil?

Scientists inform us that while diamonds are a very tough stone, in fact they are the hardest natural substance known to man,www.time4usale.com, they cannot actually last forever due to the fact that man can hone and facet them into items of jewelery. So, the fact that jewelery makers can actually fashion these beautiful stones into the diamond earrings and necklaces that we all know and love is actually what prevents them from actually lasting forever; there’s surely some irony in there somewhere!

However, if this disheartens all those romantics out there, as some of the mysticism may have been taken away from the essence of diamonds then don’t worry,www.eucheapjerseys.com, for if they were actually stones that lasted forever, then that beautiful diamond earring that you purchased for your loved one would not be as handsomely crafted as it is.

Also, the whole idea of a diamond lasting forever is essentially metaphorical; when you buy someone a diamond earring, you are making a commitment to them, be it one of friendship or love and this commitment or promise will last forever, long after the diamond has perished.

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